School Staff

  Management Structure Year Curriculum Responsibility Management Responsibility

Mrs Carolyn Fox

Executive Headteacher



Overall Responsibility 

Health and Safety

Leadership Team

Reviewer (Appraisal)

Mrs Rachel Robinson

Deputy Headteacher


Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Travel Plan

More Able Pupils

Maths Team


Newly Qualified Student Induction

Leadership Team

Reviewer (Appraisal)


Mr Stephen Adams

School Business Manager


Health & Safety

Team Leader Performance Management

Leadership Team

Mrs Michelle Williams

Inclusion Manager



Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Jan Nunn


Maths Team - EYFS

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Leanne Proctor 

R Art  

Mrs Justine Morris

R Science/History  
Mrs Amanda Wiechmann R

Personal, Social and Health Education

Physical Education

Miss Sophie Lawrence 1

Phonics Leader

Mrs Jacqueline Shaw 1

Geography/Outdoor Environment


Year 1 Leader

School Council

School Mentor (FIPC)

Miss Sarah Steel 1


Computing Hardware Support

Midday Assistants Manager

Reviewer (Appraisal)

Mrs Karen Palmer 2



Year 2 Leader

Mrs Vanessa Higginson 2 Design Technology  
Mrs Lucy Nortje 2 Computing Leader (RPAT)  
Mrs Kelly Etheridge 2 RE
Mrs Lucy Richards   Pupil Premium Support  
Mrs Jo Matthews   Pupil Premium Support  
Mrs Jill Wilkins Cover Provision

Teaching Assistants


  Name Class
  Miss Cheryl Herbert RN
Mrs Kathy Pettet RMW
Mrs Katie Baldwin RP


  Name Class
Mrs Karen Smith 1L
Mrs Layla Thorogood 1L
  Miss Tracy Field 1S
Mrs Debbie Middleton 1JS
Mrs Debbie Gray 1JS
Mrs Ann Maher (HLTA)  2P
Mrs Lynda Stimson 2HE
Mrs Mei Mann 2N

Learning Support

Miss Coral Letts
  Mrs Samantha Page
  Ms Michelle Fay
Ms Kimberley Hannaford (HLTA)

Office Staff

  Name Position
Mrs Christine Young Finance and HR Manager (RPAT)
Mrs Andrea Dawson Administration Officer
Mrs Kerrie Murphy Administrative Assistant

Midday Staff

  Name Position
Mrs Lisa Curwood Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Julie Peak Midday Supervisor
Mrs Samantha Page Midday Supervisor
Mrs Lynne Cooper Midday Supervisor
  Mrs Sarah Hughes Midday Supervisor
Mrs Kathy Woodger Midday Supervisor
Mrs Lesley Leborgne Midday Supervisor

Site Manager

  Mr Robert Miller

Site Staff

  Mrs Dominique Chossis
Mrs Mandy Clauson
Mrs Hazel Martin
Ms Ann Ritchie