Rise Park Academy Trust and Local Advisory Board

Rise Park Academy Trust

Rise Park Academy Trust was inaugurated in September 2014, when its first two academies, Rise Park Infant School and Rise Park Junior School, were opened. 

The Trust is managed by Rise Park Infant School, which was endorsed by the Department for Education in April 2014 to run three schools within the Trust.  It is also the approved DfE Sponsor for Rise Park Junior School.

As two organisations we are now in the process of agreeing a new vision and direction for our schools, our main priorities being to continue to improve and enhance teaching and learning, strengthen our links with our very supportive wider school community, enhance our learning environment and ensure that policies and procedures of both schools are harmonised in order to effect a smooth continuous transition for our pupils, parents and staff.

Rise Park Academy Trust is regulated by a Board of Directors who oversee all strategic financial and resource administration, as well as a local governing body for each school which has responsibility for reviewing all aspects of the school curriculum. 

Read more about the Members and Directors of the Rise Park Academy Trust here.


Rise Park Academy Trust Advisory Board

Rise Park Infant School has an active Advisory Board who work closely with the Directors, Headteacher and staff at the school to ensure that the children benefit from a consistently high level of education. Acting as a “critical friend”, members of the Advisory Board are involved in strategic planning for the future of the school, as well as monitoring and evaluating current performance. They are also accountable for the performance of the school.

Learn more about the Governors on the Rise Park Advisory Board here.


Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests

Academies are required to publish details of any Director's or Governor's pecuniary and business interests.  Click here to see the most recent Register of Pecuniary and Business Interests for Rise Park Academy Trust.


Memorandum and Articles of Association

Click here to open the Memorandum and Articles of Association for Rise Park Academy Trust.


Scheme of Delegation

The directors of the Rise Park Academy Trust delegate some areas of responsibility to the Local Governing Body.  Click here to open the current Scheme of Delegation document.


Funding Agreement

The Funding Agreement is the contract between the Secretary of State for Education and the academy, specifying the terms on which the academy receives funding.

Click here to open the Master Funding Agreement for Rise Park Academy Trust.

Supplemental Agreements are also issued to each Academy within the Trust. 

Click here to open the Supplemental Agreement for Rise Park Infant School.


Contacting Rise Park Academy Trust

The Chair of Directors for Rise Park Academy Trust and the Chair of Governors for the Local Advisory Board can be contacted at the registered business address:

Chair of Directors: Mr Philip Wailing
Chair of Governors: Mrs Suzanne Cross

Rise Park Academy Trust
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