Welcome to our Reception year – this is a very important step for your child, as they progress into the second year of the Foundation Stage and are initiated into the first part of their formal school life. 

At Rise Park Infant School, we pride ourselves on providing a broad, creative curriculum which inspires and stimulates our pupils. This is taught through the International Primary Curriculum, which employs a topic-based, thematic approach to learning. Each topic is introduced through an “Entry Point” which is an active learning experience for the children, alongside a “Knowledge Harvest” during which the pupils discuss what they already know about the theme, decide what they would like to find out and then review and evaluate their learning at the end of each unit, which then culminates in an “Exit Point” activity.

Pupil using a laptopOur new Early Years Centre provides a purpose built, twenty first century environment for early learning, combining dedicated class bases, used for direct and focused whole class/group teaching, with communal break-out areas which provide a wide range of opportunities for free flow tasks. This is combined with state of the art technology, which offers excellent computing provision for all.

Our experienced staff work closely in partnership with our parents to ensure that your child’s first year is as happy and productive as possible, enabling them to achieve their optimum attainment as they progress towards the Early Learning Goals.

Take a look at the Curriculum Statement for Rise Park Infant School to learn more about Reception.