School Meals

Havering Catering Services provide a hot, varied menu using local sourced ingredients in school.  The three week menu offers the children to try new foods from around the world, such as chicken tikka and enchiladas.  In addition to the standard menu, there are also regular special menu day, which reflect on celebrations or events, such as St George's Day and Christmas Dinner. Click here to view the current Havering menu.

Children may also bring a packed lunch to eat in school.  Parents are asked to provide a nutritionally balanced meal, for example a sandwich, yoghurt, fruit and drink.  Please do not include chocolate, sweets or crisps.

There is no cost for Infant children.


Cool Milk Scheme

The Cool Milk Scheme provides the children with milk at snack-time.  It is free for under-fives and subsidised for pupils aged five or older (costs approximately £15 per term).  Each pupil that registers with Cool Milk will receive a carton of semi-skimmed milk every day, which is delivered fresh and chilled to the classroom. Their school milk will not only provide them with essential nutrients, but as it is rehydrating and energy boosting it bridges the long gap between breakfast and lunch and helps children to stay focused. 

If you would like your child to drink milk at snack-time, please register at

Example Menu