School Council

At Rise Park Infant School, our School Councillors are elected by their classmates during the Autumn Term. The members for 2019-20 are:


1P - Sienna and Athi

1B - Jason and Favour

1S - Harrison and Daisy 

2N - Jasmine and Alex

2P - Harrison and Isla

2EN - Oakley and Macie

School Council members meet once every half term with the Head of School, Mrs Palmer. Some of their notes and responsibilities include: thinking of ways to make our school a better place; attending school and community events; organising fundraising activities; meeting visitors to the school; leading school assemblies and being a role model to others. The Chair leads the discussion meetings with the Secretary making notes of any key decisions or actions to be taken. Meetings occasionally involve the School Council members from the Junior School to discuss anything that relates to both schools within the Academy Trust.

Rise Park Academy Trust

Annan Way


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