Free School Meal Eligibility


Free school meals may be provided for your child/children if you are receiving any of the following benefits and the school will receive a pupil premium grant from the Government:

The Government has also introduced the pupil premium and is using the number of children registered as eligible for free school meals as the basis for allocating extra funding to schools.

There is therefore a benefit to the school in registering your eligibility even if you do not want your child/children to have a school meal.


You can have your eligibility checked immediately if you agree to us using the Eligibility Checking Service - a Government system which will advise Havering if you are eligible or not. Your agreement to the use of this system means that by using the information you provide to Havering, your eligibility can be checked for this application and on an on-going basis to ensure that your eligibility has not changed.

There will be no need to apply annually to renew your free school meals as we will be able to recheck your eligibility periodically using the Eligibility Checking Service.

We will not be given full details of the benefits you receive only whether they qualify you for free school meals. All data is completely confidential.