School Uniform

At Rise Park Academies we believe that a dress code gives identity, pride and ownership of the school. The Trust colours are bottle green, yellow and grey.

We do seek your co-operation in ensuring that your children wear the school uniform at all times.

We ask that all children should be able to dress/undress themselves confidently. All clothes should be marked clearly with your child’s name. Also please label PE bags, gloves, hats, coats, etc.

It is useful, when your child starts school, to keep spare underwear in their PE bag as in the event of an accident, it is preferable that children are changed into their own clothing.

Please note that children are not allowed to wear any items of jewellery (with the exception of analogue watches) at Rise Park Infant/Junior Schools.

If you plan to have your child’s ears pierced, please do this at the start of the summer break, to allow healing time. No earrings can be worn during PE lessons at either school, and cannot be covered by plasters.

For health and safety reasons children are not permitted to wear beaded hair braids, large or brightly coloured hair slides/scrunchies to school. Children with long hair should have their hair tied back. Any hair bands/slides must be black, brown or dark green.

No nail polish on hands/feet is permitted in school.

All uniform is able to be purchased from Premier Schoolwear.

Daily wear:

PE Clothing

Children will need a drawstring PE bag, which should be named and contain:

Long hair should be tied back on PE lesson days for health and safety requirements. 

During the Summer term/first half of the Autumn term, children will need a swimming costume/trunks with a towel. They will also be required to wear a swimming hat, which can be purchased from the school. Goggles may be worn, with parental permission.